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MWDGP enhances GP health care delivery to the population of Manly, Warringah and Pittwater local areas. Over the years, the Division has provided a strong membership base and opportunities for GPs to enhance their professional potential. Our objectives are:
1) To improve liaison with other health providers in the area to enhance health outcomes
2) To represent the interests of local General Practitioners
3) To provide alternative funding mechanisms for General Practitioners
4) To enhance the role and image of General Practitioners within the Manly Warringah area
5) To influence health service policy and ensure the Division contributes to health service planning
6) To enhance the skills of members
7) To ensure that General Practitioners’ skills are used optimally.

In 2012, the Commonwealth ceased funding Divisions of General Practice and directed funding to the Medicare Locals. The Sydney North Shore and Beaches Medicare Local shares many of the objectives of Manly Warringah Division of General Practice. The Board of Manly Warringah Division of General Practice has listened to the members and acts as custodian of membership funds awaiting developments on the political and health landscape before deciding how to best utilise these funds according to our Mission.

To see the services which are offered by the Sydney North Shore and Beaches Medicare Local, please follow this link –